Our Sustainability efforts are focused around PEOPLE, PLANET and PRODUCT.

Driven by our vision and our strong value-led corporate culture, we commit ourselves to sustainable business by empowering the local communities, minimizing environmental impacts and making sustainable products.

Tree Plantation Initiative, 2020

We recognize our responsibility towards the environment and have initiated tree plantation at all our sites as green surroundings are not only healthy but also pleasing to work in.

Project Green Basket, Koderma

We have initiated the development of our farmland to empower underprivileged rural women. This initiative focuses on growing organic fruits and vegetables that provides additional livelihood to the women workers in the area. By utilizing our existing resources, this project has created opportunities and has positively contributed towards the environment.

Animal Care Initiative, 2020

In 2020, our company constructed and donated a 2,000 sq.ft. shed located at the famous Dhajadhari Hill (Koderma) that shelters over 35 cows.

This initiative has not only served towards the animal welfare, but has also benefited the local community as the milk from this dairy is freely distributed to the underprivileged people, adding high nutrient value to their daily diet.

Sustainable Mica

We are committed to making sustainable mica products by keeping the 5 aspects of ‘Responsible Mica’ in our product development and business operations.

  • Ethical raw material sourcing.
  • Ensuring safe and healthy Workplace Standards.
  • Responsibility towards our Human Resource.
  • Being responsible towards the Environment.
  • Empowering the local community.