Dry Ground

Dry Ground Mica products are made in the hammer mill, where mica scrap is ground using high-speed velocity impacts. The ground mica is then discharged into a rotary screener and classified into 2-8 mesh mica flakes. (-)8 mesh mica coarse is further destoned and sieved using high-tech vibro deck screeners, having fractional particle size ranging from 8 - 80 mesh.


Micro Mica Powder is made using the Air-jet grinding technology that can produce ultrafine particles ranging from 44um-10 um. It is the finest grade of Dry-Ground Mica Powder that has uniform particle size distribution and shape.

Wet Ground

Wet Ground Mica Powder is produced from natural mica flakes using a series of processes which includes cleaning & washing of mica flakes, grinding using purified water, dewatering and drying, sieving mica slurry powder on the vibro-deck screeners, and classification in the range of 44 - 100 ┬Ám. This unique production process retains the sheet like surface of mica, therefore giving it high sheen or pearlescent effect which is free from grit.