Our main aim is to produce high quality mica products in an efficient and commercially viable manner and work towards building a sustainable mica supply chain in India.

Thus, we have a number of obligations:

  • To offer high quality products and services.
  • To act responsibly towards the environment.
  • To make every possible effort to keep our customers satisfied.
  • To ensure traceable and ethical supply chain.
  • And finally, to be committed in creating value for our people and stakeholders.

Challenges and Benefits

In the long-term, we aim to:

  • Maintain our position as a commercially successful, internationally active company.
  • Meet the economic and environmental challenges.
  • Practice fair business dealings to maintain our leading position in the industry.

Economy and Ecology

  • Commercial viability in our business activities.
  • Safety and health of our workforce.
  • Keeping Social responsibility in our plans and actions.
  • Minimizing wastage and conserving natural resources. 

Quality and Service

  • High quality and customer orientation have top priority in everything we do.
  • We believe that market success depends not on the size, but on the quality of the products and services.